Our mission is to help people be understood and understand others by taking the guesswork out of communication.

At smileML, we believe everyone has a desire to communicate effectively; to understand, and be understood. We leverage emotion recognition to help individuals and teams communicate effectively during virtual meetings and face-to-face interactions.

smileML is backed by Techstars and is dedicated to improving communication in a safe and secure way. Most emotion recognition runs on the cloud, but we understand the cloud is not always an option for many users due to security risks and privacy concerns. That's why we've developed technology that runs on-device and never sends video or images to the cloud. Our dedication to privacy keeps your information safe while helping you become a better communicator.

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Bringing computer vision from the cloud to the edge is difficult, but our team has taken on this challenge to make computer vision secure and cost-effective.
Headshot of Ethan Petersen

Ethan Petersen

Founder, CEO
Headshot of Shannon AndersonHeadshot of Shannon Anderson

Shannon Anderson

Founder, COO
Headshot of Phyllis ThaiHeadshot of Phyllis Thai

Phyllis Thai

Product Lead
Headshot of Kelly OdgersHeadshot of Kelly Odgers

Kelly Odgers

Machine Learning Scientist

Julie Yi

UX/UI Intern

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