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Here at smileML
We believe everyone has a desire to communicate effectively; to understand, and be understood. We leverage emotion recognition to help individuals and teams communicate effectively during virtual meetings and face-to-face interactions.
Our superpower
We believe in the power of mutual understanding.
Powered by AI
We believe in leveraging AI to help people connect over digital communication gaps.
Driven by passion
We leverage AI to help people better understand others and themselves.
Connecting people
We strive to help people connect over the vast digital frontier.
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powered by
About us
Who we are
SmileML is a Techstars Air Force-backed company that specializes in computer vision and machine learning for sentiment analysis applications. Our company has developed an edge-based emotion recognition model capable of running on any camera. Analysis is performed on the device itself and is never sent to the cloud, making our core technology safe and secure for even the most sensitive environments.
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