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Tech Specs

Icon of secure edge-based technology running on laptop
Suitable for sensitive and classified environments
Icon of camera
Camera Agnostic
Software solution can run on any camera
Icon depicting real-time processing
Analyzes 70 frames per second
on a 2016 Macbook Pro
Icon depicting artificial intelligence continuous learning
Continuous Learning
Our model is constantly improving and significant updates are delivered directly to your device
Icon of Raspberry Pi
300kb model, can run on a Raspberry Pi
Icon depicting software security
Processing runs on the device, no video is saved or stored
Data Pipeline


Image of MatchMoji's game interface
Proprietary Data Collection

Behind the Scenes

Our emotion recognition model is trained from a proprietary data set collected through an iOS app, MatchMoji.

‍MatchMoji is a game in which players are presented with a set of random emojis. They must match the expression of the emoji and can compete with friends on a leaderboard.  Players can play the game without sharing any data, or they can play in Train mode which shares data to help improve our model.

Image of MatchMoji menu interface
Nuance and Self-curation


Because MatchMoji asks users to match an expression, our self-labeled dataset captures both nuance and extreme reactions. While we also review data tags, we rarely adjust and instead let our community weigh in on expression interpretation.

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